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Money and Benefits Plus

For advice and support about debt and money issues here are some of the organisations you can go to:

  • Money Advice Service


    What is it?

    The Money Advice Service was set up by the Government to help people make the most of their money. It gives free money advice online, over the phone and face to face.

    Things to think about: When you leave school or college you will have some big decisions to make that involve money. You could get information from the Money Advice Service about the costs of learning to drive and getting a car, choosing your first bank account or starting your first job.

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  • National Debt Line


    What is it?

    A telephone helpline that provides free advice on how to deal with debt problems.

    Some user Feedback:

    "You have made my life so much more bearable. Please keep this service going - the help you have given me has been a godsend."

    "Excellent - very knowledgeable and reassuring."

    "The advice given was extremely helpful and has given me the information needed when I attend court."

    "You have been a friend and a lifeline - thank you."

    "Following the advice given, I am gradually working my way back on top of my financial state and feel a lot happier with the position I am currently in…Many thanks."

    "Keep up the good work, many, many thanks for your assistance."

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  • County Court Judgement


    What is it?

    Someone who is owed money - and has made every effort to get it without success - can apply to the county court. A summons is then issued to the person who owes the money. That person can reply to the summons - or simply pay the debt - and the court then decides if to proceed.

    If the case proceeds, the court will decide whether there is a debt to pay. If there is, they will issue a County Court Judgment (CCJ) and this will set out how the debt should be repaid.

    Once a CCJ is issued, the person who owes money must pay the debt, plus a court fee which is currently £60. If they do not repay the debt, the person owed money is entitled to employ bailiffs to seize items to the value of the debt.

    Why you don't want one

    A CCJ will affect a person's chances of getting credit in the future. For example you probably wouldn’t be able to get a mobile phone contract or a credit card or a bank loan to set up a business.

    If you can't pay a bill, don't ignore it. If you know you owe money, it's important to act even if you don't know how you will pay. Although it might be difficult at the time, it's far better to say something. You may be able to negotiate weekly repayments, which can be quite small. 

    Find out more here.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau

    speech-bubbles.gifWhat is it?

    The Citizens Advice Bureau delivers free, confidential advice to anyone who needs it. They help people resolve their problems with debt, housing, discrimination, benefits, and a number of other issues

    Here is the Slough Citizens Advice Bureau Site.

  • Help Finding Housing

    If you are looking for accommodation, you might find it useful to get hold of:

    • names of hostels, bed & breakfast hotels and emergency accommodation
    • names of accommodation agencies
    • addresses of local housing associations and housing cooperatives
    • advice on approaching the local authority as a homeless person
    • Information on local housing available for people with special needs. 

    If you are facing homelessness in the local area, contact SHOC and Slough Borough Council Housing Services. Nationally, The Homeless UK website has information about services for homeless people, including hostels, day centres and other advice and support services. Go to HomelessUK


    If you're looking for private rented accommodation, check if landlords are part of an accreditation scheme. Accreditation schemes are voluntary schemes that landlords join to show that they provide good quality accommodation. For more information about accreditation schemes inEngland, go to ANUK.

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