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Volunteering Alley

YAP- Youth Action Project enables 18-24 year olds to learn more about volunteering for more information you can- email or ring and make an appointment on 01753 528632 to find out about opportunities such as a shop volunteer, admin assistant, visual merchandiser, research assistant, warehouse assistant, help run a tea bar, go leaflet dropping, teach guitar or be a photographer, or a club volunteer. Opportunities are always changing so why not find out what is available today telephone or email to find out more.

 YES- Youth Engagement Slough links 25 organisations that provide services for young people aged between13 to 18. You can enjoy the activities or you can help to support them. For more information  cut and paste this link into your search engine  or go on their face book page.

VInspired provides opportunities for young people to do good things they work with young people aged 15 to 25 years. They believe they can change the world through volunteering.

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