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Where to Look for Opportunities?

On floor 2 we listed a few organisations where you can look for opportunities - but there are lots more!

Below we've listed a range of organisations and websites that you can go to search for upcoming opportunities...

  • Slough CVS

    Slough CVS is a great place to go to search for volunteering opportunities, get information and advice, and funding support for volunteer organisations.

  • Slough Get Involved

    Slough Get Involved is another great place to look for volunteering opportunites, local volunteer groups, events, and news!

  • Slough Borough Council

    Slough Borough Council advertise their recent volunteering opportunities and relevant contact details on their website.

  • Berkshire Youth

    Berkshire Youth are a local community group who provide young people with activites and clubs as well as volunteering opportunities!

    To find out about their current volunteering roles, check here.

  • vInspired

    vInspired are a national charity that signpost opportunities for youth volunteering around the country, including in Slough!

    They also have a variety of volunteering programmes as well as awards for volunteers who have given a certain number of hours.

  • Volunteering Matters

    Volunteering Matters  is an organisation that host all sorts of volunteering opportunities and programmes.

    You can search for opportunities on the website by simply entering your post code! You can also find out about volunteering and its benefits.

  • Future Foundations

    Future Foundations are an independent training organisation that aim to inspire young people to achieve their potential and become leaders!

    They provide a range of programmes including within schools. Their Global Social Leaders programme encourages young people to change the world for the better through social action.

  • is a great website where you can search for volunteering opportunities across the country and in your local area.

    You can sign up and create a profile, or simply search for opportunities in your local area. As mentioned on floor 2, you can also search for 'Do It At Home' volunteering opportunities.

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