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Why are IT Skills Important?

computer.gif   It's pretty clear that technology is getting more and more important and employers are increasingly looking for technology and IT skills when they are hiring.

keyboard.gif   Having some IT skills and qualifications on your CV could mean all the difference when you are applying for a job, so we've listed below a few ways you can boost your skills...

  • IT courses


    keyboard.gif  For basic IT skills explore the courses on offer by Slough Borough Council and also The Curve. They offer simple IT learning as well as official basic IT qualifications including the European Computer Driving License (ECDL), which we've discussed more below...

    keyboard.gif  You can also take an ECDL course at Langley College as well as courses on specific Microsoft Office Programmes. You can study computing at higher levels at both Langley and Strodes college.

    For course details check the websites linked!

    keyboard.gif  Finally, REED have lots of free and priced IT courses available online and in person - take a look!

  • Touch typing skills


    Being able to touch type basically means being able to type without looking at the keyboard, using your muscle memory to identify the right key.

    Touch typing can involve specific technique to maximise typing speed, but most young people are now likely to be able to touch type by habit from using keyboards all of the time!

    Being able to touch type technically will help you in any job where you have to type a lot - especially for things like minute taking or data entry - as it can help save a lot of time.

    Learning Touch Typing Online:          (Sidenote: this would be better done on a full screen computer rather than a phone!)

    • Typing Club - Learn touch typing for free with simple video tuition.
    • Sense Lang - Use tutorials, games,  and tests to learn touch typing.
    • Typing Study - This site has lots of touch typing help with keyboard tutorials in lots of different languages.
    • Typeonline - provides a free structured typing course.
    • Typeracer - A resource for testing how quickly you can type!

    Don't forget once you've learned to touch type properly, you can put your speed in wpm (Words Per Minute) on your CV if it's relevant to your role.

  • European Computer Driving License (ECDL)


    The ECDL provide internationally recognised computer skills certifications and have a wide range of programmes from Computing Essentials to Advanced Spreadsheets.

    Check out the ECDL website for more information on each programme and how it all works, here

  • Other useful resources


    • Learn ICT - provides links, resources, and information on the IT National Curriculum.
    • Revise ICT - a GCSE Computer Sience Revision site: for use with OCR, AQA, and Edexcel.
    • BBC Bitesize - has lots of resources for revising for GCSE IT.
    • Cyberstreetwise - A website supported by the Home Office containing help with cyber security. There are useful free tools for you there, which will help you to protect your online security. 

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