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For almost any job that you go for you are likely to have to go to at least one job interview and likely many more!

Why do we have interviews?

question.gifThe purpose of an interview is so that your potential employer can talk to you and see what kind of a person you are. It is part of the hiring process and gives the employer a chance to see what you are really like to talk to.

  • Types of Interview:

    • Telephone Interview. Telephone interviews are becoming more and more common, so be prepared that if someone says they are going to phone for a ‘chat’ you should treat it like an interview!
    • Traditional face-to-face Interview
    • Skype Interviews
  • Preparing for the Interview

    Job Description

    question.gifWhat skills / knowledge / qualities are they looking for AND how do you show that you have them?

    If there is something that they have asked for but you don’t have then think about how you might discuss that at interview. Can you show that you are a quick learner and that you would pick it up quickly?

    Make sure you understand the role that you are going to apply for and how it fits in to their company.

    Your CV and Application

    cv.gifKnow what you have sent to them and think about what questions might come up from that. This is all that they have to go on to prepare questions for you so you can try and guess what they might ask.

    For example if your CV says that you spent 1 week doing work experience in a similar job then they will probably ask you questions about what you did that week and how you found it.

    About them

    magnifying-glass.gifMake sure you know about who they are and what they do. What is their business and how does it work? Where would you fit in with their business?

    You should also look into their competition. Who are their main competitors? What makes them different from their competition?

    You should also look into the industry that they are in. What is going on in that industry at the moment and is there anything relevant going on in the newspapers?

    About You

    mentor.gifThis bit would seem the easiest but in fact needs a lot of thinking and preparation. They will want to know about you and your motivations. For a list of possible questions have a look at the Second Floor.

    Guessing the questions

    speech-bubbles.gifYou can try and guess what they might ask you, have a think about what you have been asked in previous interviews, about what you would ask if you had to interview yourself and what your family and friends have asked when you’ve been practicing with them.

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