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Help with Abuse and Hate Crime...

Abuse and Hate Crime are very serious criminal activity, so if you're being abused or experiencing hate or discrimination get in touch with the police.

Below we've listed how you can get help with abuse and hate crime...

  • Where can I get help from?

    • Tell the police.
    • Tell someone like your care manager, your parents, a good friend, your support worker.
    • Tell the Slough Borough Council Safeguarding Team:

      Adults - 01753 690444

      Young People - 01753 875362

      Out of hours - 01753 506291.
    • If you are out, find a Safe Place to get help - (Safe Places will have a sticker in their window.)

    You can report hate crime to True Visionor you can go directly to your local police force.

  • Where can I find out more?

    • ARC UK: Safety Net - recognise and report incidents of hate and mate crime.
    • Respond - help for those with learning diabilities who have experienced abuse or trauma.
    • Stop Hate UK - an organisation that aims to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination.

    All hate crime is wrong and should be reported.

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