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Who can Help?

When you're searching for a job, training, or further education there are people who can help.

Nobody expects you to do this on your own, so don't be afraid or embarrassed ask for support! Below we've listed some people you can go to for help...

  • Friends and family

    Your friends and family are likely the people who know you best, so they can be ideal for helping you in your job search.

    Here are some things that they can do to support you:

    • Check that you are keeping up with you applications - you might not want them to nag, but it will help you remember and stay on top of your tasks!
    • If they are job hunting as well, you can do it together.
    • If they have a job they can give you advice about what worked for them.
    • They can check through your applications and give corrections or advice.
    • Help to organise a treat or a break to take you mind off job hunting.
  • National Careers Service

    The National Careers Service have lots of careers advice on their website and you can also contact them for specific careers advice.

    Find out the variety of ways you can get in touch by clicking here.

    (If you're 13 and above and living in England, you can use their web chat service from 8am - 10pm every day!)

  • School / college

    If you're at school, college, or even university, there should be a careers service where you can see a careers advisor or at least ask for some CV help.

    information.gif Careers advisors are a great way to get free advice and guidance on how to search for work, what to put in to an application, and how to prepare for interviews.

    information.gif Your school/college should also be able to help you with any applications for training or further education: if there's not a specific service you can go to, ask a teacher that you know and trust!

  • Job clubs

    Job Clubs are another great place to go to get help with searching for work, perfecting your CV and application, and preparing for interviews.

    Popping along to a job club can also help you to meet and talk to others in your situation, discuss your skills and employability, and even network.

    • Slough for Youth currently run a job club on Mondays from 10:30am - 12:30pm at The Curve. 
    • Slough Employment & Learning Services currently run a variety of job clubs - find out the details on the website.
  • A mentor

    A Mentor could help you to explore your career options or give you help and advice within a specific sector if you already know what you want to do!

    There is lots more information on how you can get the support of a mentor in Mentoring Arena, go and take a look.

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