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Who can Help?

Below, we've listed some companies and organisations that can help you find a mentor, mentor you, or give you some careers advice...

  • The Prince's Trust

    The Prince's Trust offer mentoring through their Mosaic programme which aims to boost young people's confidence, ambitions, and long-term employability.

    There are a variety of programmes within the scheme so check out the website for further information and to see if they can help you!

  • Changing Arrows CIC

    Changing Arrows CIC offers a long term mentoring service which is open to both teenagers and young adults who are in need of emotional support to help improve personal well-being. 

    They aim to equip young people with skills and guidance to cope with everyday life.

    If you'd like to find out more, drop an email to

  • The Coaching & Mentoring Network

    The Coaching & Mentoring Newtwork have a fantastic site that allows you to search for local coaches and mentors that may be able to help you.

    They also have an information portal which contains all sorts of useful advice and resources around mentoring.

  • Start your own business - Berkshire Mentoring

    Start Your Own Buisness has some information on finding a business mentor in Berkshire if you'd like some help and advice starting up your own business.

    You can submit a contact form to find a local mentor, and find out about other business advice.

  • Slough Wellbeing Cloud

    Slough Wellbeing Cloud offer a variety of help to young people (up to the age of 25) and adults in the local community with issues surrounding drugs and alcohol.

    They offer 1-1 support as well as information and advice, support plans, and help with big decisions.

  • Slough Young People's Service

    Slough Young People's Service can help with a variety of issues fancing young people - from help seeking employment or training, to sexual health education, to supporting those who are vulnerable.

    To find out how they can help then get in touch via the details on the Slough Services Guide (linked above).

  • National Careers Service

    To get some immediate careers advice or to ask about mentoring, you can use the National Careers Service webchat 8am - 10pm every day! (For those 13+ living in England).

    National Careers Service.png

    Click here to head straight to the webchat service!

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