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When you are looking for a job, deciding what career path to follow, trying to work through a serious problem or life challenge, having someone around who can advise and guide you can make a real difference.

Personal Mentoring

mentor.gifMentors come from a range of different backgrounds and organisations, so it’s important that you think about what it is you really need help with and what you want to get from having a Mentor.

Here’s some ideas about who you can approach to find the mentor that’s right for you:

work.gifEmployment and Careers Guidance

If you are registered with Job Centre Plus you might be able to get a mentor who works in Human Resources and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). CIPD members around the country have signed up to an initiative called Learning to Work which offers the Steps Ahead Mentoring programme to young people signing on for job seekers allowance and other employment benefits. Ask your JCP Advisor about accessing Steps Ahead Mentoring.

smiley-face.gifConfidence Building:

If you are still at school find out whether your school is involved with Mosaic . The Mosaic Network offers group mentoring for young people who are still at school and can lead to getting involved in an enterprise competition. For more information on Mosaic in the Slough area contact Learning to Work in the Agencies section at the bottom of this page.

plaster.gifSubstance abuse or health issues:

 if you’re dealing with this type of personal challenge you might find that there are support organisations locally who can support you and could connect you with a mentor who understands the challenges you might face. For a guide to local services, check out these pages  from the Slough Youth Support Service.



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