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Apprenticeships and Traineeships


Apprenticeships combine real work with work place training. You will earn a real salary and gain a real qualification whilst gaining valuable work place skills and experience. Anyone living in England, over 16 years old and not in full-time education can apply to be an apprentice.

Apprenticeship Jargon Buster

Job = A real job with a real employer for anyone 16 + who isn't in full-time education. It involves at least 30 hours work a week and can last from the minimum of 12 months to three years, or more.

Wage = Depends on your age. From £2.68 per hour for under 19s, £5.03 for 19 to 20s and £6.31 for those 21 and over. The average apprenticeship wage is over £200 per week. The wage will depend on the employer, the job and the area.

Training = from your employer at work and usually through a college or training provider.

Qualification = Level 1-4 depending on the job.

  • What are the Benefits of Getting an Apprenticeship

    • To gain qualifications which can help you move up into new and better jobs
    • A chance to learn on the job while experiencing new challenges
    • You are able to learn at your own pace and get support when you need it
    • An opportunity to learn and develop transferrable skills which can be applied across a range of jobs and industries
    • It can provide experience and skills which can lead to a much faster promotion
    • It’s your chance to show what you can do and to impress a potential employer
  • Will I Get a Job at the End of It?

    work.gifAt the end of an apprenticeship you will get a national qualification that is recognised by employers around the world. Roughly two-thirds of apprentices will go on to get a job with the employer they trained with, while the majority 85% will stay in employment.

    The apprenticeship is likely to last a minimum of 1 to 3 years, or even longer. For the few who don't stay in employment with the same company they will still have excellent experience to demonstrate to future employers.

  • What Does an Apprentice do?

    qualification.gifYou will work a full-time job, about 30 hours a week, and get trained as you do it. You end up with a qualification that shows you have mastered the work.


  • What Types of Apprenticeship are there?

    There are 100s of different types and you can get an apprenticeship in almost any career.

    The most common Apprenticeships in the Slough area are:

    • Active Learning and Leisure
    • Business Administration
    • Childcare
    • Customer Service
    • Construction
    • Hairdressing
    • Health and Social Care
    • Hospitality and Catering
    • IT and Telecoms
    • Retail
    • Vehicle Maintenance

    But there are lots of other Apprenticeship opportunities in:

    • Accountancy
    • Beauty Therapy 
    • Catering
    • Construction + Building 
    • Electrician
    • Engineering
    • Food preparation and serving
    • Hospitality
    • IT
    • Manufacturing
    • Plumbing
    • Public Safety
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Warehouse and Distribution

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