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Learning Curve

There are loads of places that you can go to take more courses to improve your career prospects.

  • Online Course Providers

    computer.gifAlison : An online course provider that provides certification in a large number of sectors, this site is particularly good for professional qualifications

    The Open University: A well recongised university that provides correspondence courses in a number of areas so you can learn from home

    BBC: The BBC provides a large quantity of learning materails online in order for you to improve your skills. These courses are free but usually do not come with a qualification to print out 

  • Hot Courses

    A database which lists a number of short and long courses for all levels of learner. It is a great place to start when you are searching for available courses.

    For more information check out the website

  • o2 Learn

    A free access video library from O2 which will help secondary school students prepare for their exams at GCSE and A level. It is aimed at students between 13-18 and videos are uploaded by students as well as teachers.

    Why don't you check out the website?

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